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A Short Letter to Impatient Writers

Recently I ran a poll asking writers if it’s possible to write a new story every day. One voter responded to the poll by saying “quality over quantity.” I couldn’t agree more.

I went through a phase of feeling as though my visibility as a writer depended on how frequently I could churn out content.

The problem with that mindset is it actually reinforces writer’s block!

Think about it.

If you’re pushing yourself to come up with new settings, characters, plots, etc., nothing of high quality comes from that. It’s forced.

What increases your readership is captivating content. That content comes from your soul, and people quickly pick up on that. People remember and keep you on their radar.

Now having said this, it does depend on the type of story. I write flash fiction stories that are exactly 100 words. Sometimes if I’m energetic enough, I can write two or three per day. Then other days I’m so overwhelmed with work and my commute that I just need to veg.

But for short stories, it pays to invest more time into the quality of your writing. And besides, you deserve all that time.