Write Your Heart Out

Take it from me. You don’t know who you really are or what you really want in life until you start writing your heart out.

I was once in the middle of writing a blog post about the absurdity of believing that life is a zero-sum game with the intention of reaching racist white people and hopefully planting some sort of seed so they’d have a change of heart. I stopped when I realised how truly futile my effort was.

Yes, I’m certainly baffled to say the least, about how anyone in their right mind can genuinely believe that the world is a zero-sum game. But I have better things to do than throw pearls to pigs.

I’ve decided to spend these precious moments on earth writing what makes me feel good, and what sparks my intellectual curiosity.

The crazy thing is that often people gravitate to content that appeals to their anger and anxiety. It’s all too easy to do this because it feels so familiar. But what if you stopped to read something that engendered your curiosity and gave you hope?

Are you afraid that your content will be deemed boring if you don’t write something that touches a nerve? That was my fear for quite a while, and what I discovered is that over time, people do get tired of a content that circles back to the same feelings of resentment, and to borrow a well-known phrase, “old tired rhetoric.”

So with that, grab a cuppa and write your heart out. And if you must write what makes you angry and anxious, that’s great catharsis! Just don’t forget to come back to joy.

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