I recently did a three-card spread using my Osho Zen tarot deck. I got these cards:



A man is standing on a balloon while loudly blowing a horn and trying to juggle seven candles. Seems like quite the act. But there’s a monkey standing below with a needle just so eager to pop that balloon.

You’re trying to hold it together so much that you come down with an illness. Ever had that happen? That card was spot on when I pulled it because of the anxiety I’ve been experiencing making a decision about where to move. Yep. I’m moving.

The choice would be obvious to most people, but me? I had to go and complicate things. I tend to over-think, and conjure scenarios that haven’t or won’t even happen as a way to somehow keep myself safe. Have you ever done that?

I think we all do. There’s something emotionally satisfying about living in fear. But that’s no place to live! And that brings me to the second card.


In the late evening, under the crescent moon, thick green leaves tightly hug fresh juicy red fruit , and one piece falls from the tree.

When fruit is ripe, it’s ready to make itself useful. This card indicates that my natural talents and gifts will come to the forefront in the midst of this move. Why? Because I’ll be in a place where I can truly be myself.

And finally…


A lone person is walking along a mountain range with no end in sight. It’s about the journey, not the destination, as they say. This card is a nudge to improve my quality of life by shortening my travel time to work.

I’ve gotten so accustomed to riding the public bus that I assumed that I couldn’t live life without it. Being surrounded by people going nowhere in life does a number on your mental health. That’s not to say everyone who rides the bus is in the same condition. But the public perception and subsequent stigma of public transportation has affected me mentally. Now I have the opportunity to do something about it.

Does this reading apply to you in any way? I’d love to know in the comments.

Recently I ran a poll asking writers if it’s possible to write a new story every day. One voter responded to the poll by saying “quality over quantity.” I couldn’t agree more.


I went through a phase of feeling as though my visibility as a writer depended on how frequently I could churn out content.


The problem with that mindset is it actually reinforces writer’s block!


Think about it.


If you’re pushing yourself to come up with new settings, characters, plots, etc., nothing of high quality comes from that. It’s forced.


What increases your readership is captivating content. That content comes from your soul, and people quickly pick up on that. People remember and keep you on their radar.


Now having said this, it does depend on the type of story. I write flash fiction stories that are exactly 100 words. Sometimes if I’m energetic enough, I can write two or three per day. Then other days I’m so overwhelmed with work and my commute that I just need to veg.


But for short stories, it pays to invest more time into the quality of your writing. And besides, you deserve all that time.